Prevention and Safety

Proactive Learning

We understand how, especially the mining industry, is investing a lot of energy and resources to convey the concepts of safety and security to its employees, efforts that disappear whenever a new accident occurs.

Pro-Active Learning is a method that has been developed by Risk Managers (SERNAGEOMIN), Psychologists, Miners and Engineers. It consists of 20 group sessions in which the employees are taught effectively in the various concepts of safety and security, with the objective to reduce the number of undesirable accidents.

For us, safety is a core value and therefore we developed Pro-Active Learning. We know we can deliver a great value to your organization.

Active Safety for Proper Use of Tires

The priority of drivers is to deliver on time, which often leads to risky and negligent behaviour.

Especially, the tires require extra attention before starting the journey. They must be regularly controlled and repairs have to be carried out in case pressure loss. But this is often not among the priorities of the driver.

Sooner or later this leads to problems, such as tire blowouts, loss of control due to low maneuverability, rollovers, collisions and even loss of life.

We offer to add a special liquid that prevents pressure loss into all your tires. This fluid does not involve extra costs, as it saves money, due to preventing at least 95% of the problems related to tire pressure. Your vehicles will always maintain a proper tire pressure which allows an excellent maneuverability and a safe ride.