ISO 9001:2008

About us

We are a company dedicated to Outsourcing internal services. We are experts in Human Resource Management and Administrative Processes.

Currently, our services are mainly in the areas of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Finance, and Commerce, among others. Within these areas, we focus on building and maintaining long-term business relationships with our clients, making sure we take charge of the individual needs of each clients. Because we act ethically and professionally in everything we do, we stand out as a sound and reliable organisation/company/business.

We offer all our services nationwide in Chile.

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Our Services


Today, the main challenge for modern companies is to focus on their core business. There is a growing need for specialists in HR management and ...

Payment of

By outsourcing the payment of salaries, HR Managers can also decrease their costs and focus on the strategic aspects that truly create added value to the ...

Recruitment and Staff Selection

We have extensive experience in various areas, which vary depending on the needs of our customers. We offer recruitment services for Technical ...

Prevention and Safety

We understand how, especially the mining industry, is investing a lot of energy and resources to convey the concepts of safety and security to its employees ...

Services EST

Through EST Solutions we provide all types of temporary staff under the conditions of law No. 20.123. Replace- ments workers for sick leave ...

Infrastructure and Engineering Services

We provide comprehensive services in the area of information technology. Networking, Systems Engineering and Software Development ...

Business, Project and Services

Outsourcing services for Industrial Safety, Support Help Desk, Process Control and Technological Projects. Service Areas classified according to their scope ...